It may happen that you want to change your name or last name for various reasons, not just because your name is ridiculous or shameful.
Generally, the requests are finalized to add the mother’s surname to that of the father, the replacement of the father’s surname, or – for those who become Italian citizen – maintaining the double surname which identify you in your country of origin.
Italian citizens residing abroad and registered at A.I.R.E. – even if born in a foreign state – may at any time request the change or the addition of the name or surname according to the same procedures’ followed by Italian citizens residing in Italy.
Since there is no right to the change of name or surname, the request is not granted automatically, but subject to the discretion of the competent authority, who will assess the presence of objectively relevant situations, adequately documented and justified.
The application must be submitted to the competent authority (Prefetto) by the Italian Consulate, according to the last place of residence or the place where it is registered the birth certificate of the applicant.