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A showcase that is worth 75 million looks and who knows how many purchases, of which by 2016 will benefit many brands of Italian fashion and luxury. We speak of the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world, with 1,200 stores and 200 restaurants on over half a million square meters. Built in four years with $ 20 billion from the group Emaar Properties, the Dubai Mall in the next two years will be larger with 100 thousand square meters dedicated only to high-end brand.

Object of desire of the wealthy inhabitants of Dubai (where, as in all the UAE, there are no taxes on personal income) and the tens of millions of tourists every year fly in the emirate for tourism, business or “simple” desire shopping spree. The vertices of Emaar and Emaar Malls, the business unit which premiered on 2 October at the Dubai Stock Exchange (an IPO record 1.5 billion dollars), will choose according to authenticity and craftsmanship of the brands. Anyone tempted by delocalization is warned: Dubai is required real Made in Italy.

Source: Sole24Ore