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Filed the tsunami of Lehman Brothers, Real Estate has begun to push on the accelerator, providing enviable profits, the outlook is far extremely interesting and perspective on 2015 still appears to be solid.
Tourism has grown on the basis of the increase of air routes Emirates and Etihad, thanks to new and better entertainment offerings and the heavy investments in term of infrastructure.
Since the beginning of the year were launched several new projects and cranes are again returned to camp on the “landscape” of Dubai.
In view of the rapid boom in real estate, after the global crisis in 2009, the government has drawn warnings from organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and has consequently taken measures that have actually calmed the market triggering a healthy growth cycle and virtuous (such as the imposition of a fee for each transaction and the limit for granting new loans.
The pace of increase in rents and prices has slowed in Dubai. However, experts believe that the population increase expected in ’emirate will lead to a shortage of housing units in the next few years which will result in an increase in prices of course.