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Off shore or will? workarounds

The onset of contradictions and problems regarding the interpretation of contracts is certainly physiological, but takes on a abnormal, even for legal professionals, when it comes to real estate in the UAE.
Here, in general, the national law of the deceased can be applied to anyone who is not Muslim otherwise the succession is regulated by law Sharja.
However, unlike other jurisdictions, in the UAE, in the case of joint ownership, the UAE courts will decide the fate of a joint holding of the property; pronounce on such disputes, the court in a panel.
In this case it is necessary to plan testament in advance.
Off shore or will? workarounds

Since 2008, foreign companies and offshore may no longer have ownership of properties, however, you can create a company incorporated in the UAE, or incorporate an offshore company in Jebel Ali Free Zone.
An offshore company can act as an intermediary between the individual who holds the shares and the company.
Moreover, the management of an off shore and not ‘complex as it is not mandatory for an offshore company to have a physical office and even a physical presence of shareholders.
There are books to keep, nor reports by auditors to be delivered.
An offshore company outside of the UAE involves costs, but ensures ease of transfer in the event of death.
The properties that belong to a offshore company does not belong to the law of Sharjah because of the fact a company does not die as do individuals.