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In uncertain times, choose which asset classes aim to secure a reasonable return is perhaps the most important decision and at the same time difficult for an investor.
Everything depends on the objectives and the degree of risk you are willing to take and certainly the real estate market is less precarious than the stock or bond, the yield obtained, however passively, and ‘more’ top of any investment business.
For these reasons, the Dubai market has rapprensentato definitely a great opportunity ‘in the past associated with big risks.
Real estate investments in Dubai and more generally in the UAE have largely benefited from the condition of refuge and security that the country offers within the region, in fact, the conflicts in the Middle East have not had a negative impact on United but a positive implication on the economy of this country.
In fact, the United Arab Emirates are perceived as a country from the economy very stable, well-governed, well managed, and above all safe and this has attracted investment from neighboring countries; Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in fact presented as the natural hinge between the West and the East, and in this role have benefited considerably.